Sustainability Governance Structure

The successful execution of our sustainability strategy across Sunlight REIT hinges on a comprehensive and effective governance structure. Accordingly, we have established a top-down three-tier regime to manage sustainability issues and performance. As mentioned under the Board Statement, the Board plays a pivotal role in assessing the sustainability-related risks and opportunities that have long-term implications for Sunlight REIT. It oversees and approves proposals put forward by the ESG Committee concerning the sustainability framework and strategy as well as enhancement plans for continually promoting sustainability.

Chaired by the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) with senior representatives from the Manager and Henderson Sunlight Property Management Limited (the “Property Manager”), the ESG committee is established to ensure that Sunlight REIT’s sustainability initiatives align with its long-term business goals and stakeholders’ expectations. It takes a leading role in organizing sustainability training to keep the Manager and the Property Manager abreast of the latest development of matters relating to sustainability. The ESG Committee conducts regular meetings to discuss issues pertaining to sustainability, to formulate action plans and to monitor the progress for addressing any identified risks, opportunities and targets. This approach enables Sunlight REIT to stay ahead of emerging sustainability trends and to strengthen its connections with stakeholders.

The ESG Committee also collaborates closely with the Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) Committee to drive community investment and engagement initiatives.